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Every business needs AB testing to increase conversions on their website. 

With plenty of AB testing tools out there in the market, we have researched and narrowed down to the top 7 AB Testing Software for 2020.


List of the Top 7 AB Testing Software

The software tools are arranged in alphabetical order:

1. Audiencefy

2. Crazy Egg

3. Leadformly

4. Nelio

5. Split Hero

6. Splitly

7. VWO

Let’s dive in and look at each one of them in detail.


1. Audiencefy

audiencefy logo

We will kick things off with Audiencefy, who is known for providing predictive analytics and testing for E-commerce stores.

With email marketing being a big component for E-commerce sales, Audiencefy allows you to segment your customers into 20+ predefined audience segments for AB Testing.

This will help to increases your brand’s relevancy as well as improve conversion rates.

Why choose Audiencefy?

1. Customer personalization with separate segments.

For each segment that you test, you can see valuable insights which include LTV, Average Order Value, and frequently purchased products.

2. Simple integration with other popular software

Create customized integrations with hundreds of companies such s Shopify, Magento, Facebook, Get Response, Active Campaign, Google Analytics and many more!

Visit Audiencefy to learn more –


2. Crazy Egg

CrazyEgg logo

Crazy Egg has been around for a long time (since 2005).

Crazy Egg AB Testing tool which keeps it simple. Get started by selecting an
element to test.

Do experiment with various headlines, sales copy, or product descriptions and quickly discover which test converts the best

Why choose Crazy Egg?

1. Easy and fast Split Test setup experience

Crazy Egg is so simple to use that you can set up a test in less than an hour. Add your unique Crazy Egg snippet to the web page you want to test, and you are good to go.

2. Continuous optimization with real-time A/B test results

Observe how your testing elements stack up against each other and quickly discover which are working better than others.

You can then optimize and add new ideas, delete old ones, and keep optimizing for the best AB test results.

Visit Crazy Egg to learn more –

3. Leadformly

Leadformly Logo

Next up is Leadformly.

Leadformly helps websites capture more leads by replacing websites forms with smart and interactive lead-forms, where AB Testing is available.

Why choose Leadformly?

1. They provide high converting forms. Forms are the central point of your marketing funnel.

If your forms convert at a higher percentage, your cost to acquire a customer would be lower.

2. Years of research & testing to provide users with customizable forms and UX best practices.

3. Save time by easily having Leadformly form on your site live within minutes. Skip long winded and complicated process and begin testing!

Leadformly’s Case Study*:

*Information gotten from Leadformly’s team

An agency, Avalanche Enterprise used Leadformly for one of their clients and observe the following results:

Their client was a local gym that had been established for several years and, despite having a strong client base, were only operating at around 60% capacity.

They wanted to increase their client list as well as improve their retention rates.

Avalanche Enterprise built campaigns across email, social media and PPC, all linking to forms built by Leadformly to overcome this trend and saw the following results:

-782 members additional members joined the gym over a 12 month period.
-Average form conversion rate of 41%
-Campaign ROI 732%

Fun fact: Leadfomly have over 50 customisable lead-form templates, with 58 CRO best practises designed into every form.

Simply choose a template > Customise it > Integrate with your site > Watch your conversion rates increase.

Best of all? No technical skills nor developers needed to get this setup.

Visit Leadformly to learn more –


4. Nelio

Nelio logo

Nelio is a favourite among WordPress users for native AB Testing.

If you have a WordPress site, Nelio is perfect for you to test pages, headline, widgets, menu, layouts, and so on.

Why choose Nelio?

1. Compatibility with WordPress Hosting Providers. Simply install the plugin to get started.

2. User-friendly WordPress dashboard for AB Testing. Get a familiar user experience and create tests directly in the dashboard.

No learning curve needed for WordPress users.

Visit Nelio to learn more –


5. Split Hero

Split Hero Logo

Split Hero is an easy, fast & effective platform to start split testing on your WordPress website.

With Split Hero’s WordPress A/B Testing platform, it’s simple to setup split testing campaigns at an affordable price.

Why Choose Split Hero
1. Simple learning curve for professionals and website owners

2. Affordable split testing option

3. Get access to unique features such as:

  • Collect the number of unique visitors for each page variation in a campaign
  • Collect the number of conversions for each page variation in a campaign
  • Calculate the conversion rate percentage for each page variation in a campaign.
  • PDF Reporting with Whitelabel option – Add your company logo to generated PDF reports of completed campaigns.

Common Use Cases of Split Hero
If you run a local business or Ecommerce store, Split Hero is used to increase conversions on landing pages for product purchases, newsletter signups and contact form inquiries.

For affiliates, you can use it to split test pages/articles to increase conversion rates of button clicks to affiliate sites.

Visit Split Hero to learn more –


6. Splitly

Splitly is a niche AB Testing software as they focus on optimization for Amazon sellers.

Amazon sellers, you can now conduct test for EVERY element of your product listing for increased sales.

We recommend to use Splitly to test your product pricing, product descriptions, images, titles, features, and keywords.

Visit Splitly to learn more –


7. VWO


vwo logo


The VWO Experience Optimization and Growth Platform has various capabilities for webpage testing, insights, full-stack feature management, visitor engagement, and growth management.

The good thing about VWO is you can opt to purchase each capability separately or buy them in combinations to make the most of the data you intend to gather.

VWO caters to small businesses as well as enterprises.

Why Choose VWO
1. Super FAST

VWO is built for teams that obsess over web & mobile performance metrics.

At <38ms, VWO is probably the fastest optimization script across the category, which includes:

  • Fast time to interact
  • Fast time to title
  • Fast experiment load time
  • Less overall weight

2. Built-in Audience Insights

Testing velocity is one of the keys to CRO success.

VWO comes packed with a built-in, off the shelf Insights toolkit of Surveys, Heatmaps, Clickmaps, Funnel Analytics & Session Recordings as your recurring source of discovering visitor usability flaws.

3. Recoup Non-Converting Audience

This is one of the most unique features of VWO – The ability to recoup declined demand (aka ‘non-converters’)

Open-ended communication often leads to revenue leaks.

VWO Engage, their in-built web, mobile and social push notifications capability allows you to segment your non-converting audience across multiple attributes (device type, country, member of an ad campaign, CRM segments among many others) and recoup their attention via multiple channels, thereby closing the loop and driving revenue uplift.

Common Use Cases of VWO
The most common ones are to create A/B tests, Multivariate tests, and split URL tests across devices and domains.

VWO’s visual editor allows you to create and modify pages and page elements without needing the help of developers.

You also get to undo your changes as many times as necessary, and preview and QA the tests on different browsers and devices before launching them.

You can also conduct user research with VWO Insights. This allows you to see where in the user journey are visitors leaving your website.

Once you know where the conversion leakage is occurring, watch audience interactions through heatmaps and session recordings to figure out why the drop-offs are happening.

You can also add on-page survey and form widgets to seek direct feedback from users.

You can see what they’re looking at on a page/form, where their mouse is moving, how much of a page they’re scrolling down to, where they are clicking, how much of a form they’re filling, at what point of a form users experienced frustration or hesitation, etc.

This helps you understand what page elements the visitors find interesting and what they are not attracted to.

Visit VWO to learn more –


And that’s a wrap!

Do check out all the AB Testing software listed above, and find one that best suit your website.